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Top transfers in the Premier League (Part 4)

As shared, the Premier League is a prestigious football event held annually in the UK. It is favorited and followed by millions of spectators in the world.

To create these successes of this event, it is contribution of top quality footballers from many nations transferred or franchised to clubs in the UK. 

In this article, we will share top the most famous transfers during seasons in the Premier League.

8, Stan Collymore

In 1995, Stan Collymore was transferred from Nottingham Forest to Liverpool with £8.5 million. This was a big value to invest striker position. This was reasonable because 20 years for the Premier League, Liverpool had not yet reached any winning although they had ever dominated this competition in a long time before. So, they needed to invest more to take the titles.

However, this investment was not really successful. Although he was close with Liverpool in 2 seasons- 1995 and 1996 season, he couldn’t break any special record to bring the Championship for the Reds as expectation.

Finally, Stan moved Liverpool after two seasons.

9, Wayne Rooney

In 2004, Rooney was franchised from Everton to Manchester United with £25.6 million in per season.

MU has ever been famous with big investments for talented players. In this case, they didn’t hesitate to pay big money to own Wayne Rooney who was considered as a star of the decade.

Wayne Rooney joined Everton as the first team in 2002 when he was just 16 years old. Then only two year later, he was found out talent to transfer to MU as interesting invitation.

Since this year, he has ever been for 8 years to develop and improve skills at MU. He has played as an important key to reach series of winning for this club.

Until now, history of MU has spent some pages to remember about this symbol.

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