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Top transfers in the Premier League (Part 3)

Here we continue to share top famous transfers in the Premier League. 

if you are a fan of this competition, you shouldn’t miss our ranking because you can see some famous players as well growth of this event through commerical transactions.

5, Eric Cantona

In 1992, Eric Cantona was moved from Leeds United to Manchester United. This was considered as one success of MU to go some Champions.

Before 1992, he was a key person of Leeds. He helped his club to pick up the Division title. It was the first time Leeds United could win in a top football competition.

When MU found out his talent, he was franchised to this new team by a big value, estimated about £1.2. During 5 years he played at MU, he led MU to total four leagues titles, including the first Premier league title. 

He always expressed artistry and wackiness when he performed in the pitch.

6, Roy Keane

Another franchise to MU but from Nottingham Forest.

Roy Keane was transferred in 1993, with price £3.75 million. The fact that, it was the highest value of Roy Keane during his pro career.

To response the value he received, he played excellently at the mildfield. His style was creative and tough to face up with any opponent. 

Finally, he had 7 titles with MU during one decade he was close.

7, Patrick Vieira

In 1996, Patrick was transferred from AC Milan to Arsenal with £3.5 million.

The fact that Patrick was highly appreciated by the manager- Arsense Wenger. However, he was one of condition for Arsense to lead Arsenal.

He was a great midfielder. He helped Arsenal to go the Invincibles league in 2003 season. It was as one of the best performance during his career.

Furthermore, he had one unforgettable match with Roy Keane of MU.

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