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Top transfers in the Premier League (Part 1)

Football is compared as a big industry with much dollars. There are many aspects to express for this conclusion. One of them is transfer agreement of stars or talented footballers among clubs.

In this article, we will refer to top transfer in the Premier League which is one of the most famous football events in the world.

1, Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first name referred in the ranking.

In 2003, he was transferred from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United with €15 million in 8 years.

The fact, MU was smart and sensitive when they discovered one talent of football when he was still young and not yet famous. Finally, they reached success with this transfer.

During the time at MU, Cristiano Ronaldo played excellently to bring 3 titles for the Premier league. Then he started to spread reputation as a star.

Some years later, MU sold him to Read Madrid with a record about value of transfer, up to £80 million. Someone said it was a bargain for MU when they still got trophies and made more profit from one investment.

Furthermore, transfer of Ronaldo from MU to Read Madrid then Arsenal as if a fight when he always played as a star to bring victory and winning for team.

2, Thierry Henry

In 1990s, Arsenal maintained the top teams of the Premier League when they owned strong teams. All of them had several transferred players such Thierry Henry

He was transferred from Juventus to Arsenal with £11 million.

Thanks to his contribution, Thierry Henry was excellent to reach winning, replacement the position of MU in some seasons.

Firstly, Henry played at the winger, then he moved to forwarder with all-conquering all challenges from the opposing team.

He got total 226 goals for Arsenal from 1999 to 2007 season.

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