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Top the best football clubs in Premier league history

The Premier League is considered as the top league in Europe since 1992. It has a long history with many success and records in the international football. The fact that, when referring to football, many spectators will say that Premier league is the most impressive.

More than two decade, there are some outstanding names for the champions like the rise of La Liga, Barcelona with Frank Rijkaard and Pep or Manchester city so on.

In this article, we collect 5 greatest football clubs ever reached the best achievement in other Premier league.

1/ MU in 1998-1999 season: 79 points

1998s was a successful year of this club when they got FA cup double, including FA Cup and European Cup. However, becoming a new winner of Premier league was deserved to memorize longer because MU was the first English team to win this competition. The team brought victory and achievements for the UK people almost.

Once reminding about 1998-1999 season, we should praise some footballers like Gary Neville, David Beckham, Paul Scholes as well Ryan Giggs. They became legendary with full of energy and passion for football.

Although MU lost a talented captain- Eric Cantona after 1996-1997 season, it turned into new opportunity for other younger players to express talent. As a good result, these heroes brought winning for MU with 79 points in the ranking.

2/ MU in 2011-2012: 89 points

2011-2012 season was a comeback of MU in a long time without victory. Because fans of MU had to wait so late to cheer up team in the finals, they didn’t make disappointing for their fan. Even this comeback had deeply impression.

They started this campaign in a slow fashion, only dropping two points after 12 games. Then three continuous games without winning reduce 8 points in the ranking. After that, they took their style and step by step to receive a ticket for finals. As a good consequence, they made up by winning in the 2011-2012 league with 89 points.

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