Premier League

Top the best football clubs in Premier league history

Premier league is pride of the European because it has only the continental scale, it has been well-known by almost fans of football in the world. This event is always interesting for views and magazine reporters due to hot transfer contracts among other clubs or talented players have appeared and brightened all over the world from this event.

The truth that Premier league can make and push economy to growth longer and further. The government can receive taxes from revenues of advertising contracts with big brands or sale the ticket for the local and foreigner.

In this article, we continue to calculate several a few teams with success and high ranking in the Premier league all the time. We base on data about total goals and points in the ranking.

4/ Arsenal in the 2003-2004 season

Arsenal has been put with nickname “Invincibles” after they got winning in the unbeaten season 2003-2004. They were truly a majestic team in this season with high achievement which deserves to remind in the record of the Premier League history.

According to history of English football, they were the second team with going unbeaten only after Preston North End in 1889.

During the season, they got 49 unbeaten games. All their success involved to talent of leader Wenger when he always changed and updated new strategy before one match to overcome bigger opponents. In addition, we also can’t refer a perfect team with Wayne Rooney, Jose Reyes and Jens Lehmann. It was their age so they played the most to get the first championship with total 90 points.

The truth that Arsenal in 2003-2004 was a strong team with almost part of the youth. Although they were not highly appreciated before the league, they kept silence and gave feedback by results after per match. Someone said that it was difficult to collect young and talented players into a perfect team as Arsenal in 2003-2004 season.

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