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Top 10 the best center-forwards in 2019-2020 season in Premier League

Football is always welcomed and loved by many fans from all over the world. The Premier League is one of the biggest event about football held every year.

The 2019-2020 closed with many records for other scales. In this article, we collect data about top the best center-forwards of this season. The fact that forwards players don’t have more opportunities to brighten up as attractors or goal keeper. However, they play an important role to decide excellent successes for team. Therefore, they are deserved to be praised and loved.

1/ Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial is a Frenchman playing for the Manchester Untied.

Under management of coach- Ole Gunnar Solskjae, Anthony can express his style and talent to make successes in his football career.

In 2019-2020 Premier season, he has ever got total 11 goals which are big numbers for any strikers. The fact that, the best striker only makes 20 goals.

He contributed his performance to success of MU, although it’s not enough to make championship for this club. In general, he improved his overall style as well confidence for movement through the middle. All makes deeply impressive for both opponents as well watchers.

2/ Teemu Pukki

He is playing at center-forwarder for Norwich city.

He is described with funny nickname as the bearded goal-getter. He has performed well as the key of this team which leading Norwich city to the higher position in the ranking of the Premier League.

The fact that Norwich city has ever struggled when facing with other big clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea. This is a good choice for Teemu Pukki to bright up. He has ever reached 11 goals which means that he contributes 44% for total goals of this team. It is an impressive number for any forward. So he is deserved to be voted as a batman of this club.

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