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The top Greek referee has been attacked by a mafia type

According to AFP, Angelos Evangelou’s house glass doors were broken after an artillery bombing attack, causing serious damage.

Evangelou was the VAR referee in the match on the same day that Olympiakos Club was not recognized a goal and was missed a penalty that resulted in a 0-0 draw at Volos.

The result pushed Olympiakos to second place in the national league table and the 44-time Greek champions angrily condemned incompetence in match management, and filed a lawsuit against the 5 The referee, accusing them of taking bribes. Olympiakos Club also sent a letter of protest to UEFA and FIFA, emphasizing the story of deliberately exchanging the exact results of a match using VAR technology.

After the first attack, the federation of referees called for a strike. However, after receiving assurances from the leading Greek football organization and the country’s clubs, in the vote on 1.1, most chose to suspend the strike. However, on Tuesday, the referee’s home was attacked again for a second mafia style.

According to AFP, there has been no response from the referees after the Evangelou referee’s house continued to become the target of the attack, and this weekend’s round of the top tournament will continue. Meanwhile, the Greek Football Federation called the latest attack unimaginable insanity in home football.

The defending champions PAOK and Olympiakos – two rival teams in Athens – also contributed to the condemnation of the mafia-like action. “Finally, it is time for justice to speak up and find the culprits of these attacks”, a statement by PAOK.

AEK Athens called on the federation and government to “comprehensively investigate mafia attacks”, while Panathinaikos Club, which will host Olympiakos in the fiery derby this weekend, said that watchers rely on violence and fraud to be punished.

Greek football referees went on strike in 2018 after referee Thanasis Tzilos was attacked by four bosses when he left his home in the town of Larissa, so much so that he was hospitalized for a head and leg injury. The leading Greek football organization has postponed several matches after referee Giorgos Bikas’s home was suspiciously burned.

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