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Spanish Super Cup held in Saudi Arabia

This year’s Spanish Super Cup will see matches between Real Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Real Madrid will meet Valencia in the first semi-final at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, while Barcelona will meet Atletico Madrid a day later. The two winning teams in the two pairs will meet on January 12 also at King Abdullah Sports City with 62,000 seats to decide the pair of Spanish Super Cup champions 2020.

4 teams to attend the Cup this year, including the champion and runner-up of the King Cup 2018-2019. The remaining two teams have the highest La Liga ranking last season but did not make it to the King’s Cup final. That’s the way for the four strongest Spanish teams to attend the 36th Spanish Super Cup.

Traditionally, the match between the La Liga champions and the King’s Cup champion will take place in two legs and back at home and away at the beginning of the season, however, the Spanish Super Cup season was then held in Tangier, Morocco.

The Spanish Super Cup for the next three years will be held in Jeddah under a three-year deal worth 120 million euros signed in November last year to bring the prize to Saudi Arabia. The transition to this tournament in January is also a change, with the teams participating in the tournament are exempt from competing in the King’s Cup this weekend.

The people of Saudi Arabia are very interested in football. King Abdullah Sports City has sold all tickets to see the match of Barcelona, ​​the match of Real Madrid is still about 10,000 tickets, while the final also sold 40,000 tickets.

All teams will take the main squad, but Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema must stay in Spain due to an injury. Luka Jovic, a Serbian player who bought from Eintracht Frankfurt for 60 million euros last summer, will be the spearhead of Real Madrid’s attack and he needs to show his ability through goals, instead of just Stomping with current achievements. Barcelona will be without goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

While the people of Saudi Arabia have bought tickets, what about the fans in Spain? The ticket price is only 25 euros/ticket, but Real Madrid has only sold 700 tickets – the majority are for fans in Saudi Arabia rather than people in Madrid; Barca sold 300 tickets, while Atletico Madrid only 50 tickets and Valencia 26 tickets. Clubs are giving priority to money over their loyal supporters. The 4 teams participating in this tournament have only sold 9% of the 12,000 tickets allocated to them.

Having to go away right after the year-end holiday period has made most fans unable to attend. However, if teams participating in La Liga are penalized for empty seats in matches, then with the Spanish Super Cup they just want to avoid the situation of being confused by the empty customers, because of the priority of global expansion rather than The fans truly care about the match.

Spanish clubs are not strong in the tradition of supporting fans. The Spanish Football Association, which has reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia, has joined La Liga to aggressively promote its presence around the world in a two-horse race with the Premier League to attract attention around the globe.

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