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Shocking details in the trial of the FIFA corruption court

World football has just been taken aback after a number of shocking details in the trial of the FIFA corruption scandal in the US. These include threats of killing, robbery, vandalism and mental persecution of witnesses and defendants to prevent cooperation with the court.

At the aforementioned world-class corruption court, more than 40 FIFA officials, employees, marketing executives and others have been charged in the United States with accepting bribes, kickbacks hundreds of dollars. Most of them involve marketing rights, broadcast major tournaments in the Americas such as Copa America, Gold Cup, World Cup qualifiers…, of which, 24 people have pleaded guilty.

Recently, however, the world football public was more shocked when some shocking details about the corruption case appeared when revealed by Buzzfeed News journalist Ken Bensinger. According to the journalist, the defendants and witnesses (summoned or possibly going to court) have received threats of anonymous murder, blackmail… Some of these have been robbed of their working office, which has a very special case and is said to be for mental persecution, that is the dog of the accused’s family was killed by scratching his neck in the yard.

The text contained the above details is thought to be sent to the US government and journalist Bensinger uploaded to his social networking account in part. According to the journalist’s share, due to the partial disclosure, it is impossible to know the names of the witnesses and defendants threatened.

However, according to ESPN, some details mention Manuel Burga, former president of the Peruvian Football Federation. The former official was among the top officials charged but was later acquitted in 2017 in court due to insufficient evidence to convict him.

It is worth mentioning that in the above trial, Mr. Burga once shocked the public by making gestures such as using his hands to cut his neck and was understood to kill the witnesses. After being released, the former Peruvian football official once considered the court’s ruling a miracle and is now the executive director of FIFA’s subsidiaries in his homeland.

At the hearing with Burga, two other senior FIFA officials are Juan Angel Napout (former FIFA Vice President checking the President of the South American Football League) and Jose Maria Marin (former President of the Brazilian Football Federation) sentenced to 9 years and 4 years in prison.

The trial has not yet ended, with several other senior FIFA officials being sentenced for corruption in the coming trial.

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