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Round 7 Premier League: MU is dangerous, Liverpool has an assistant

Liverpool experienced the worst 90 minutes from the beginning of the season but still won all 3 points, while MU dropped dramatically after a draw from Arsenal.

As the Champions League returns in the middle of the week, the big teams inevitably get distracted with the domestic arena and Liverpool is no exception. Encounter rookie Sheffield United, experts and fans all think of the “destruction” victory for teachers and students Jurgen Klopp.

However, the way the European champions won 3 extremely ugly points, even thanks to the mistake of goalkeeper Dean Henderson on Sheffield United. The more shocking if known, this is the only goal hit of Liverpool this match.

Anyway, this victory also helped Liverpool have the second time to win all the first 7 matches in the English league (21 points), after the 1990/91 season. Not only that, “Red Brigade” also raised the unbeaten series in the Premier League to 23, including 16 consecutive victories, scoring 43 goals.

The lucky victory that Liverpool won made City’s effort to narrow the gap of 5 points to no avail. In fact, the defending champion also experienced a tough 90 minutes against Everton and had to rely on the flashy moments of Mahrez and Sterling in the second half to win 3-1.

Liverpool people can celebrate, but Manchester people are not so desperate. In the immediate future, the period of 3 months last year “thunderstorms” is the real challenge in the championship race. And behind them, Leicester City is still quietly playing the role of a “spoiler” with impressive style (has just beat Newcastle 5-0).

In the 7th round of the Premier League, the members of the Big 6 all won extremely hard points. Chelsea and Tottenham can only beat Brighton (2-0), Southampton (2-1) thanks to the flashy moments in the second half. Even, Tottenham still lacks players from the 31st minute for Aurier’s red card.

Meanwhile, the direct confrontation between MU and Arsenal also ended inconclusive (1-1). Going home with 1 point but the fate of the two teams are very different. Arsenal reclaimed the position in the top 4, and MU dropped to 10th with 9 points/7 matches – the worst performance since 1989/90 season.

More broadly, the “Red Devils” have just won 49 points/first 28 matches under Solskjaer. This is also the lowest score among the coaches working at Old Trafford after Alex Ferguson. In the last 28 games of the army, his predecessor Jose Mourinho did even better than Solskjaer with 51 points despite MU deep in crisis.

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