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Premier League from now on attractive start! (Part 2)

Since January 1, Leicester has won just one match in the Premier League, against weak opponent West Ham. From what appeared to be a chance, Leicester was dragged back into the race to qualify for the Champions League next season.

There are 6 teams (from No. 3 to No. 8) that are fiercely competing for 3 Champions League places in England. This is said in the case of the No. 2 Man City team can not win the case at CAS and must comply with the penalty of not participating in the European Cup (the first place, of course, belongs to Liverpool). With “1 on 2” odds, the matches of Leicester, Chelsea, M.U, Wolverhampton, Tottenham, Sheffield from now till the end of the Premier League season are as important as the finals.

That is only discussed in a limited range. Burnley is currently only 2 points behind team 7 Tottenham, Arsenal and Everton are just one point behind Burnley, then Crystal Palace lost only 1 point to Arsenal and Everton. Say more, will come to infinity. But let’s look at the obvious fact: Burnley can beat Tottenham after just 1 round. And answer the question: Can the 10 remaining games reverse the 6 point gap? The answer is yes. So let’s take a look: 6 points is the current gap between the No. 5 position of M.U (unofficially, this is the position for Champions League places), with the team ranked 12, Crystal Palace. Remember: Palace won against M.U at Old Trafford!

Standing only 3 places higher than the Brighton team who is sweating with the risk of relegation, but Crystal Palace, in principle, has not finished the competition for the Champions League. Must affirm: the Premier League has never reached an extremely exciting ending like this season!

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