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Premier League from now on an attractive start! (Part 1)

What do you think of this order: Wolverhampton, Sheffield United, Tottenham, M.U, Chelsea, Leicester? It is the ranking of the 6 teams mentioned in descending order of achievement in the last 6 matches in the Premier League.

Leicester, Chelsea, M.U are the teams currently ranked 3, 4, 5 in the current Premier League rankings. But they only managed to get 5, 6 and 8 points in the last 6 matches. Wolverhampton and Sheffield both get 11 points – almost double that of Leicester and Chelsea.

The current position and performance chart in the last 6 matches are two completely opposite things when looking at the group of teams standing from 3rd to 8th in the Premier League.

Once upon a time, people considered Leicester to be the candidate, when this team stood above Man City, the closest rival of the top team Liverpool. The world sobbed praised the active attack, the image of elder in Leicester’s play. Now, Leicester have won only 3 of the last 12 matches. What if Brendan Rodgers’ team only won 2 of the remaining 10 matches? It is also a question that can make Chelsea fans shudder. Frank Lampard’s teachers and students have won only 3 of the last 13 matches.

On the one hand, the 5-point gap between Chelsea No. 4 and Sheffield No. 8 is completely reversible, in 10 matches. The teams in the middle – M.U, Wolverhampton, Tottenham – the easier to change positions. Just one win is enough for M.U or Wolverhampton to overcome Chelsea. That’s not to mention Sheffield still has a match (postponed) with Aston Villa. Winning this weak team, Sheffield will be only 2 points behind Chelsea. In summary, all outcomes are possible for the order of the teams mentioned after round 38.

On the other hand, there is a new detail that no one could have imagined 2 months ago. That is even Leicester can be thrown out of the group with tickets to the Champions League.

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