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Neymar escaped prosecution for slapping fans in the French National Cup

Neymar will not be prosecuted for the act of slapping a Renne’s fan after the unexpected defeat of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the final of the French National Cup in April.

A source from AFP on Wednesday revealed that prosecutors had decided the Brazilian star striker would receive a written warning and no further action would be taken. In the match, PSG was defeated by Rennes after a series of 11m.

The incident occurred after a 29-year-old Rennes fan-filmed Neymar while the PSG striker was walking up the stairs to receive a silver medal at the Stade de France while teasing Brazilian superstars and some players should return to play soccer again. Feeling outraged, Neymar stopped, pulled the phone with his hand and slapped the chin of the aficionado.

“I shouldn’t do that but sometimes it’s hard to keep calm”, Neymar once said on his Instagram account the moment after the incident. However, Philippe Ohayon – a lawyer of the fans who was slapped, filed a complaint to Neymar for violent behavior.

Although not prosecuted, the slap above made Neymar receive a three-match ban and a tumultuous career when subjected to a wave of intense criticism, especially from PSG club fans. This led the 27-year-old Brazilian striker to find ways to leave the capital Paris team but ultimately failed to return to Barcelona in the summer transfer window last summer.

It was also the darkest period of Neymar after a series of incidents on and off the pitch. After being ridiculed for eating at the 2018 World Cup, the superstar was continuously interrogated in connection with the rape of a former Brazilian model in Paris in May, then suspected tax evasion. Then, injury caused Neymar to withdraw from Brazil to participate in the Copa America in July and was absent in the PSG shirt in the first season of the 2019-2020 season. Most recently, the striker has to withdraw from Brazil again in the matches in the middle of this month due to injury.

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