Premier League

History about the Premier League

The Premier League is the most famous leagues in the UK. Although it is a domestic league, its popularity has spread out almost nations in the world because the quality as well frame.

We can conclude that the Premier League contributes to growth of football industry when they own famous clubs as well players and head coaches in the football world which values up to millions of dollars annually.

In this article, we discuss origins of the Premier league as well format of per season. Hope that you can realize the reason why this league is still famous and loved in many decades.

In the early 1990s, football was strongly developed in the UK. There were many clubs established at other cities throughout the nation. They considered that they had a game to connect and develop this sport better.

After some meetings and agreements, in 1991, the founder of football federation decided to establish a league for domestic clubs called the Premier League. They also confirmed about basic principles of this league. Furthermore, they also determined clearly that the Premier League would do business independence from the Football league and the FA. It means they had the right to organize one unique league as well appeal sponsorship without order of the higher organization.

As the rule, the Premier league company was established in 1992. They directly set up and required sponsor to organize the league. Some deals were determined as the BSkyB, Sky…who gave big budget to develop the League officially and professionally.

After some years for preparations, the first Premier league was launched in Aug 1992 with joining of 22 clubs throughout the nation. 

As purpose of organized that they wanted to make more opportunities for club to promote development of clubs to higher international level, therefore they reduce the number of clubs compared with the old league.

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