Premier League

History about the Premier League

In this article, we continue to share major events related to history of the Premier League. Following it if you also care and love this tournament which is one of the most famous football events in the world.

According to the previous article, we have ever referred the origins why the Premier League was launched. Now we come to the format of this league.

As yearly schedule, the league will take place from August of this year to May of the next year, total 380 matches. After splitting per team by fixed group, they will be arranged to play at their home and away across during the season which makes fair among teams.

For the winner, they will get three points whereas only one point for a draw and no point if they are loser. After the table round, which team has the most point will become the Championship with the Premier League trophy.

For three teams who ranks the bottom three of table round, they will be not the right to play in the next season. They only can play for the second tier of the UK football. Instead, three teams with the best achievements of the second tier will be replaced and have more opportunities to face in the higher quality tournament.

In case some teams finish with the same points number, their position will be determined by the goal difference. Then using the scored goals to rank. Even, after three factors but they still are not separated, the award will be shared for both teams. It’s better and fairer because they have similar achievements and results.

The rule of points number also is applied to other positions in the table.

During the history of the Premier League since 1992, there are seven winners for the highest titles, including MU, Arsenal, Manchester City, Leicester City, Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea.

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